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 News Flash Autumn 2023 - Our Green Ambassadors would like to thank everyone for all the generous donations received!

Through our Zambia Day and allotment club stall we have raised a magnificent £259 for our World Vision child.

Harvest 2022 - Eco Crafts Sale

 We enjoyed creating our Eco-crafts by recycling plastic bottles, egg cartons, sweet wrappers and crisp packets. These were then sold during Harvest Festival and raised a whopping £190.67 for World Vision.

Harvest  - Allotment Produce Sale

This year's harvest produce from our allotment gave us potatoes, pumpkins, squash, courgettes, onions, apples and pears. We raised a total of £57.02 which will be donated to World Vision. 

Eco Day 2022

Eco Day at Coquet Park was all about switching off the electricity and getting outside to learn - thankfully the weather was on  our side. Each class looked at one of the 10 eco topics as a focus. Year 2 focused on 'marine' since they are currently studying the Seashore habitat in Science. The explored how they can protect and conserve our seas and beaches. Year 4's focus was reducing energy use which was in keeping with their current Science topic on electricity. Reception class were water conscious - remembering to turn off the taps in their classroom as well as recycling tin cans into spring flower pots.

January 2022 - Bolivia Day

The whole school turned out in red, yellow and green to support Noelia, a child we sponsor through the World Vision programme. The children learned about the country of Bolivia and its people including the food they eat, as they enjoyed some Bolivian food at lunchtime. A grand total of £171 was raised to support Noelia.

November 2021 - Switch Off Fortnight

Our Green Ambassadors launched this year's switch off fortnight (8th-21st November) with an assembly reminding the school about how we can play our part in reducing the amount of energy being used in school.

October 2021 - Harvest

Allotment Club worked tirelessly to grow a super selection of produce to be sold to parents at harvest time. Funds raised were donated to our World Vision sponsored child, Noelia.

July 2021 - Raising the Flag

We were pleased to welcome Sandra Graham, Cabinet Member for the Environment at North Tyneside Council.  Coquet Park First School are proud to announce we have been awarded the Eco Green Flag for the fifth time!  

Sandra Graham proudly raised the Green Flag and shared her appreciation, explaining this was the only school in North Tyneside to sustain and achieve this five times. 

After the awards ceremony, we celebrated together with a whole school Eco picnic on the field. The staff and children thoroughly enjoyed it. The fine weather made the day a great success!

Awarded our 5th Eco Green Flag!!!

We are delighted to report that Coquet Park has had its Eco Green Flag renewed for an incredible 5th time. A recent article in the Our North Tyneside magazine, summer edition, highlights our achievement. The school is looking forward to a celebratory picnic to end the school year and raise the flag. A huge congratulations to all the children for their efforts in achieving this and of course Mrs Cairns who leads the crusade.

March 2021 - World Vision Update

We have continued to sponsor Noelia, for another year through the World Vision programme. We sent birthday and Christmas cards, as well as a Maths game for her to play. 

She tells us 'I had fun with my friends, family and community. We learned more about how to respect, care for and protect children. I received new blankets to keep me and my family warm.'

We have received videos from Noelia which the children watched in assembly time.

Watch below to see the work that World Vision is doing for children like Noelia in Mosoj P'unchay.

A new recycle bin design for Whitley Bay

Our Green Ambassadors have been designing a new recycle bin for Whitley Bay town centre. They worked with a local artist to design a model for the bin. Brod (the artist) then went away and designed the bin and it is displayed proudly in the centre of Whitley Bay. I think you'll agree the finished bin looks very impressive!

Harvest 2020
Harvest has been a little different this year, but we have still managed to celebrate it in our own way: The children at Allotment Club sold their fabulous produce to the parents, we ran a harvest festival picture competition, hosted a Harvest Day and created harvest crafts. A grand total of £89.53 has been raised. This will go towards sponsoring Noelia, our World Vision child in Bolivia. 
Bolivia Day
As part of our ongoing Green Flag work we decided to host a Bolivia Day. Bolivia is the country that our World Vision sponsored child comes from so we wanted to support this as well as find out a bit more about where she comes from.
We all had a non uniform day that involved wearing at least one colour from the Bolivian flag, each class looked at a different aspect of |Bolivia, we had an assembly where we watched a video from Noelia and catering services provided a special lunch with Bolivian music, Bolivian flags and a taster table with Spanish food. The children loved it and even went back for seconds!
We raised an amazing £163.20 for Noelia.
Year 4 Reverse Eco Advent
This year, Year 4 decided to create a reverse Eco Advent Calendar. Here are some photos of the litter pick that we did. We have also banned iPads for a day, brought yogurt pots for use in the greenhouse, turned off classroom lights and banned Mrs Cairns from using the interactive whiteboard for a day!


Year 4 went to visit their Reception buddies to talk to them about the Eco work in the school.

We explained about our reverse Eco Advent Calendar.

April 2019 - Sponsored Noelia for a 2nd Year

We are proud to announce that we raised enough money to successfully sponsor Noelia and her community for a 2nd year. Noelia has been corresponding with the CPFS Green Ambassadors and we have enjoyed sharing her pictures and letters during our Eco Assemblies. 

October 2018 - Coquet Park Eco Day 

We had a fantastic Eco Day on Friday 5th October!

We all turned our classroom lights off and didn't switch the computers on all day. Even though the weather was terrible, we had great fun!

Every class had a practical maths lesson as well as learning about Eco issues. We also made crafts for Harvest which we will sell in a few weeks time.

We had an assembly from Charlotte at Wash, Squash and Recycle and we learnt about what we can and can't recycle in our bins at home. Later in the day we had the grand opening of our Eco Greenhouse by the Rotary Club in Whitley Bay.

Here are some photos of the day.

Grand opening of the greenhouse by the Rotary Club

Wash, Squash and Recycle Assembly

Eco Day - Reception

The children in Reception made salt dough leaf coasters and counted using natural resources.


Eco Day - Year 1

The children in Year 1 learnt about bar modelling using hula hoops. Later they designed, created and made litter pickers. They also took part in a litter pick around school.

Eco Day - Year 2

The children in Year 2 had a maths lesson where they used twigs and stones to create place value pictures. They looked at ways to save water as well as making biscuits that they sold during the grand opening of the greenhouse

Eco Day - Year 3

The children in Year 3 estimated and measured objects from the environment. They also thought about how to recycle and created recycle posters for our school bins.

Eco Day - Year 4

The children in Year 4 created life sized coordinates grids to learn about how to plot points on a coordinate. They also looked at ways to save electricity and up-cycled tin cans into vases to sell at our Harvest festival.

Thanks Suez

A big thanks for Suez for their donation of compost to the school.

June 2018 - Constructing the green house

Everyone in school has been busy collecting 2L plastic bottles and we have finally reached our total of 1300 needed to create our eco greenhouse with the help of the Whitley Bay Rotary Club.

Constructing our Eco Greenhouse.

April 2018 -  New World Vision Child

Meet Noelia, our new World Vision sponsored child. She is a Year 1 child who lives in Bolivia. We aim to sponsor each year and look forward to creating fun ways in which to raise money and support her in her family life and education.

November 2017 - Turn off Fortnight

We will take part in Turn off Fortnight and hope to improve our electricity usage. Can everyone help to make this a success by remembering to turn off when not in use.

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