Hawkhirst 2021 Blog


Day 1 of our Hawkhirst Week!

Well we didn’t let the weather (or the football result) dampen our spirits. We’ve had a fantastic Day 1 to our Hawkhirst Style Week and are looking forward to what tomorrow brings.

Today, we split into 3 groups with a leader from High Borrans working with each team. We were set various challenges where we had to work as a team and communicate with each other to solve problems. Some of the activities involved; getting across the field using carpet tiles, a human laptop (where we were challenged to click on numbers 1-24 in order in under a minute) and walking skis. All brilliant fun! After the morning of challenges, where we gained stars for each successful activity, we bought items from the High Borrans ‘shop’ to create a rocket for our egg. We had to work out how to fire our egg across the field as far as possible while making sure we didn’t damage it. I’m pleased to announce that all three teams were successful in their mission and no eggs were damaged in the making of this blog – hee hee! I hope you all get a good night’s sleep tonight, ready for another active day tomorrow.

Hawkhirst @ Home Challenges. We have started our @ Home challenges and have already received some great photos showing the fantastic things you can do at home. Camping, creating your own bread and drinking hot chocolate. Can’t wait to see what the rest of you get up to. Please send photos to the class email.


What a way to spend your birthday! Happy Birthday!

After a swift change of plan (and an emergency meeting between the year 4 teachers), we spent the morning having a wonderful time creating leaf clay pots and a Kwik Cricket tournament.

This afternoon, we split into 3 groups to complete a giant paper aeroplane competition with Mrs Cairns, Mrs Glenwright’s problem solving challenges and newspaper tube structures with Miss Foster.

The sun looks like it might shine on our trip to the beach tomorrow. Please remember buckets and spades if you have them.

Hawkhirst @ Home Challenges: Some great photos: Camping out, cleaning up after dinner (now you've done it once we know you can :-)), eating marshmallows and a fantastic camouflage  picture. Thanks guys


Beach Day Fun...

After our sun dance, the sun finally came out and we had a great day on the beach. The scout leaders worked with us in the morning, creating problem solving activities as well as asking the children to design and make sand fortresses. Later in the morning, they showed the children how to create catapults and the children had a fantastic time protecting and invading their settlements.

In the afternoon, we had some free choice activities. Cricket, football, bubbles and sand art. Finishing off with a dip in the sea. What a fabulous final beach day at Coquet Park. 

Hawkhirst @ Home Challenges: Lots of fab dens, toasting marshmallows, photo bombing chickens and two freezing cold showers! Very brave boys.


Hawkhirst Week Continues...

The sun has continued to shine and we've had another fantastic day. This morning, we completed an orienteering course around school as well as finishing our clay art work. We will bring these home for you to see tomorrow!

At lunchtime, we enjoyed raising the 5th Green Flag and celebrating with Mrs Graham from North Tyneside Council who told us that we were the only school in NT to achieve this award 5 times. Afterwards, we had our picnic and played games.

This afternoon was a blast from the past as we got to say our final farewell to Mrs Stores and Forest School. Den building galore! We also had a special visit from Freya's mum who very kindly helped us create the most beautiful sun catchers. 

Hawkhirst @ Home Challenges: A fab picture of jumping into a cold paddling pool fully clothed. Rather you than me! I've added all the photos that you've sent so far. It looks like you've completed many of the challenges and had great fun doing so! Brilliant year 4.


A quiet day today, after a very busy week. We completed some research about Kielder and had a Kahoot quiz. Congratulations to Jacob on winning the quiz! We then had our final class news and heard about all your exciting plans for the summer. We finished the day with a movie afternoon. Thanks for all your hard work this year and Au Revoir (not goodbye). Stay in touch, enjoy your summer and good luck for Middle School xxx