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Hawkhirst at Home Begins...

It’s already been a busy day for a lot of you, and luckily the sun is still shining! Thank you for sharing all the wonderful things that you’ve been up to. It’s been a joy to see! Here you go Year 4 – Day 1 Hawkhirst at Home:

Grace has her camp set up and is settling down with the third Harry potter book, she is working her way through them in lockdown.

Alex has arrived with his suitcase for Hawkhirst at Home, he didn’t need any travel sickness tablets as it was a short journey. His bed sheets have been put on and bed made.

Mrs Cairns’s supermarket puzzle completed by Alex, Jacob, George H, Maggie, Evie, Eric and Grace (we won’t show the pictures with the answer just yet)

Beach art by Oliver – check out what it spells! Miss Foster has even been in on the artwork action – check out her attempt at Hawkhirst using objects. Not bad Miss F! You will also spot Oliver's first attempt at camouflaging into the trampoline then the improved attempt!

Eva has been packing her case, making her bed, set up a den and created some Hawkhirst art/design work.

This morning Freya sorted out her spare bedroom and made a den to sleep in this week. She made her bed herself and packed a suitcase. She is going to try really hard to only use things out of it all week!

Jacob came up with the ingenious idea of reusing THAT World Book Day outfit – do you remember it Year 4? See if you can find him camouflaged around his garden.

George H has had a great first morning completing some of the challenges for Hawkhirst @ Home, he is looking forward to knot making later today and building a den with Freddie to have a camp out tonight. We wish you luck boys!

Dylan has been cooking bbq lunch outside in the fire-pit and toasting marshmallows. He absolutely loved toasting the marshmallows and even more so eating them! Also getting the right level of toastiness before ready to eat! Dylan has packed a bag to live out of for the week, made his bed and been doing Emry’s quiz on birds.

Gray packed his suitcase, built a den and you can also see a photo of the Hawkhirst art that he did. Very creative Gray – well done!

Today Alfie has had fun building his camp – accompanied by camp fire! Very resourceful Alfie.

Maggie has been busy too! She made a tent in her bedroom and blew up the mattress. She put soft toys in the tent and lights on the outside and will sleep there tonight. She has also learnt some knots. The knots she made were the Clove Hitch and the Two Half Hitches.

Emrys has packed, done the camouflage challenge and had his cocopops @ hawkhirst today.

Samuel has had a great day.... Started with making his bed and then making a den in the loft! Hawkhirst artwork completed then a walk wearing all green to camouflage into the mini golf course! He's cooked tea tonight and settling down for a movie. 

Evie has set up camp in her bedroom and made her own lunch... chicken super noodles! 

Eric has been busy. He’s made a 3 course meal for his family. It looks delicious.

As you can see, Edison is also having fun with his artwork.

Harry unpacked his suitcase and watched the video and completed the two challenges before doing a countryside bike ride (learning the European capitals as he rode!!) Multi-tasking - well done!

Alexander is waiting for his tent to arrive and then he’s going to camp out and hopes that he doesn’t encounter the fox that lurks around his garden! He has watched the welcome video and completed the bird quiz.

Lily and Daisy have also had a busy day. They completed Miss Foster’s puzzle and practised their camp fire songs with Mrs Wilson. They packed their bag and made a camp in the playroom and are now happily sleeping under the enchanted fairy lights. Sleep well girls x

Freddie packed his case and made his den, which he enjoyed playing Kahoot in (he did however forget to pack some soap and was upset when he realised his mum didn’t have a fridge that he could take for snacks!) He completed the pencil challenge in a few seconds, shows how much he likes food!! After completing the tree spotting he finished the day with the movie My Spy. What a busy day Freddie!

Excellent work Year 4! Keep sharing x