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Day Five – What a week!

Year 4, we are so proud of you for really throwing yourselves into all of the challenges this week. It’s been a pleasure to see and hear everything that you’ve done throughout the week. Hopefully you’ve managed to make some happy memories, albeit different to what we planned at the start of this year, but fun all the same! We are busy making certificates which will follow next week - well done!

Congratulations if you took part in the Kahoot quiz. Here are the top 5 results (as of this afternoon):

1 – Isaacincredible         2 – Gray            3 – Evie            4 – Eva             5 – Alex the winner

You can also see lots of photos with you all revealing the answers to the teachers’ puzzles. Hopefully you managed to figure them out by yourselves. I think Freya is the overall winner of Mrs Glenwright’s number puzzle with a total of 9 answers. Congratulations Freya!

The highlights from today:

The last day of Hawkhirst is always the quietest and Hawkhirst at home seems to be the same. Lots of people are having a more chilled out day today, just finishing the final challenges and taking it easy. We normally have at least 3/4 of the class asleep on the bus trip home so I hope you all get a good night’s sleep tonight.

George has been very busy making a den outside as well as starting and lighting a fire and finishing off the day by lighting and cooking his family a BBQ.

Last night, Eric went to Holywell and Brier Dene. He was really excited to see that one of the horses (the bossiest horse) was called Eric! He also did some tree spotting and tree climbing.

Last night he slept in a tent, in the garden with dad. It was very exciting! We had toasted marshmallows for supper and they were delicious. Gray put a few home comforts in the tent too!

Today, Gray plans on doing the final problem solving task. Then he’ll do some baking later today and orienteering over the weekend. We hear that you’re a bit tired after the camp out – hopefully you’ll sleep well tonight, back in your normal bed.

Last night, Isaac managed to camp out with his big brother. His mum is struggling to keep warm indoors in the evening so well done boys! Very brave! Today, Isaac has created some lovely sea glass artwork. Thanks for sharing.

Here’s this morning’s Hawkhirst fun from Harry. He’s been looking for plants and trees around Whitley Bay!

Miriam has also been busy completing the challenges. Today, she’s been learning how to tie different knots and creating a raft. Well done, it looks brilliant.

Dylan went on a mini-beast trail today at the Brier-Dene then down to the seafront.; identifying creatures and taking photos for his journal. Dylan found a number of butterflies, insects, small fish & bamboo. Down at the beach, Dylan found lots of crabs and one very large crab that he wanted to take home! Dylan then braved the cold sea and went for a sea dip fully clothed!! Dylan helped prep the fire-pit ready for a BBQ and to dry off!! What a way to end the week!! It sounds brilliant Dylan – have you dried off/warmed up yet :-)

This morning, Lily and Daisy have been busy helping to clear out the outdoor playhouse and turn it into Rowan Lodge for tonight’s camp out in the garden They are very kindly letting Molly and Nell sleep in their indoor den tonight. They then helped Mum to put up 100’s of fairy lights in the garden for tonight’s BBQ and campfire. They also managed to get some camouflage action in. This afternoon, they are heading to the beach to complete yesterday’s beach hunt and jump in the sea. I hope the sun keeps shining for you girls and enjoy your camp out – it sounds magical with all those fairy lights!

News just in – Lily and Daisy did in fact jump in the sea fully clothed today!! Very brave ladies. Their mum doubted that they’d do it, but they proved everyone wrong, which is totally in keeping with the Hawkhirst spirit of challenging yourself! Foxy joined in too of course. Foxy says a big thank you for her lovely week at Hawkhirst @ Home. Our pleasure Foxy x

Last night, Freya made s’mores and bush cookery and campfire songs. She sang the campfire songs and ate s’mores. She tried cooking the dough but it took ages to be cooked because it needed to warm up properly. Today, Freya did a very impressive camouflage challenge and also learnt how to tie knots. The knots were tricky and the camouflage challenge was really fun.

Today’s been a chilled day as Alexander’s brother Harry had lots of school work to complete. Alexander wanted to finish Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire so Alexander’s mum has been reading her book too. Alexander has been learning capital cities within a penalty shoot out, finished the puzzle challenges and done some more bridge work. He is excited for the final camp out tonight. As a family they are going to watch Paul Blart 2 in the tent and eat lots of treats. Hawkhirst at Home has been fun. Alexander’s favourites have been; camping out and the quiz as he got to see everyone. We’re glad that you’ve enjoyed it Alexander.

Last day at Hawkhirst at home. Can you spot Alex in the garden? We took inspiration from Mrs Cairns and Alex got drenched in the bath by Hollie and daddy. Brrrrrr (was it freezing?). To celebrate the end of Hawkhirst, Alex is having his favourite Ahar curry tomorrow night. Enjoy it Alex.

Like many of you, Evie has been rather tired after camping last night so she’s had a more relaxed day today. She learnt how to tie some knots and completed another puzzle! Well done Evie!

Imogen’s Hawkhirst Friday began with her making her bed and tidying her room. (She has laid the table and tidied up 3 nights this week- good job Imogen!) Imogen found a den in the trees, and then headed off on the treasure hunt, which was fantastic! Imogen was delighted with her T-shirt! She then headed along to Holywell Dene and had a picnic. She is now heading home to set up the tent with her mum, Imogen will pack her bag and have a BBQ to toast marshmallows and have hot dogs for supper before a night under the stars!! Imogen is very excited!! Sleep well Imogen x

Last night, Eva had a good night in the tent. She had a BBQ/camp fire and toasted marshmallows and bread dough and everyone slept well. Today, Eva completed her last two challenges by camouflaging herself in the bath with white towels and tying knots out of string. A good day’s work Eva!

Michaela has also been challenging herself today, well done for completing the puzzles.

Samuel built a campfire last night and loved eating too many smores before bed! Today, he has worked on his map reading and grid reference skills to complete the treasure hunt. He's going to be chef tonight cooking for the family on the bbq! He's loved Hawkhirst at home, reading the blog and seeing what the whole class and teachers have been doing and hopes to see you all soon! We hope that too Samuel x

George and Henry rounded off a fantastic week by taking a long family bike ride up the coast. They had great fun riding up and down the steep hills of the sunken gardens near Cullercoats park and climbing the rocks near the old paddling pool. They’re going to have a film tonight then sleep in the tent. Sleep well boys!

Today Oliver is having a Hawkhirst Grande Finale - camping in the tent, cooking sausages on the BBQ for lunch, marshmallows and s'mores, then a dip in the sea later on followed by the puzzles and the campfire songs.

Jacob has also had a busy week, making a raft, cleaning up, learning to tie knots and completing the puzzles. At the weekend he toasted marshmallows and then cooked some sausages on the fire pit - they were delicious.

Emrys also wanted to share the last few photos. He’s had an amazing week.

Friday night finale of Hawkhirst @Home 2020. It took the girls a while to get warm after their dip in the sea so after a hot bath we lit the BBQ and set up camp in our cosy Rowan Lodge. After the BBQ Lily, Daisy, Molly and Nell roasted marshmallows on the campfire and enjoyed singing Mrs Wilson’s campfire songs. Once marshmallows were roasted they got in a gooey chocolatey mess making s’mores. Molly and Nell retired for the night in Lily and Daisy’s indoor den and Lily and Daisy stayed up until midnight stargazing with Mummy. Then we snuggled down for the night in our lodge. We were woken very early by a baby blackbird trying to get in. 

Imogen enjoyed her Hawkhirst day and loved her camp out.

Thanks so much for sharing all your fabulous experiences this week. We are truly honoured to have such a wonderful class and supportive parents! Lots of Love, The Year 4 Hawkhirst Team xxxx