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Day Two. What have you all been up to?

It was really lovely to see and hear all about your antics yesterday. Let’s take a look at Day 2 of Hawkhirst at Home.

You should have received an email from school about the treasure hunt that Eric’s parents have set up. I hear that many of you have already completed this challenge. My spies tell me that so far they’ve had; Sam, Grace, Joe, Alex, Dylan, Oliver, Emrys and Beth. I’m sure I’ve probably missed a few so if I have – sorry!

News from today:

Harry got up, made his breakfast and then put the cutlery and dish away before making his bed and getting ready for today’s first lesson! Excellent work Harry!!

Lily and Daisy have been working hard to find the solution to puzzle 1. It took some time (with even Nell and Molly trying to help) but they got there in the end – well done girls. Excellent teamwork! The photo will appear later so as not to give the game away. Apparently they are going to make a bigger and better den tonight. We look forward to seeing that!

Beth has also been enjoying all the activities, but she misses school :-(  She has completed the Kahoot quiz and said that it was fun but she came 5th. She’s been enjoying movie night and is half way through one of the diary of a wimpy kid books. Yesterday she made a den under her bed but had to move into her own bed late last night as it was too hard to sleep there. Today, she created an obstacle course in her garden.

Today, Evie has made her initials out of twigs, flowers and leaves. She has taken on the camouflage challenge – see if you can spot her! It’s not easy. She’s looking forward to learning some campfire songs later.

Last night Dylan slept in his London themed den in his bedroom decked out with Union Jack bunting, London Underground pillow duvet/sheets/yoga mat. Dylan said he wants to sleep in it for the week!! He has also cleared up two meal time plates, washed dishes & swept the floor. Good job Dylan!

Today, Freya has been making the word Hawkhirst and an obstacle course, where she got soaking wet (I’ve seen the movie!). She is also going to hoover and clean up after dinner. Which she says will be boring but is a fact of life at Hawkhirst! Sorry Freya!

Alex has also enjoyed Hawkhirst at Home today. He has completed Eric’s treasure trail, it was so much fun and a prize at the end.  He completed Mrs Glenwright’s puzzle which was harder than Mrs Cairns’s!!! Obstacle course completed and with water! He is now getting everything ready for a campfire and songs later! Enjoy Alex!

Emrys has also completed the treasure hunt and the remaining 3 puzzles. Good work!

Good news for Alexander – his tent has finally arrived (yippee). Camp songs tonight! Because it didn’t arrive yesterday Harry and Alexander made a den in his room and slept out in it last night. They watched a movie and had a feast. Sounds fun boys! Today he has been doing art with objects from his garden. It’s not quite finished...

After sleeping in her tent last night, Maggie recorded the weather and then tried Mrs Glenwright's puzzles. She took the Kielder Quiz before dressing in her dad's jumper to blend 'seamlessly' into her tent. Very funny Maggie! Later, she is planning a trip to the beach to hunt for shells and driftwood, before a few songs around the campfire.

Oliver also enjoyed taking part in Eric’s treasure hunt – it looks fun!

Yesterday afternoon Eva went on a tree hunt at the Brierdene then Eva and Thomas slept well in their den. Today they’ve had fun on an obstacle course, did some wood art and completed the school Kahoot quiz (last time I looked you had the top score Eva!!) and Mrs Glennwright's first challenge.

Elena has also been very busy. She solved all 4 puzzles today (photos will follow so that we don’t reveal the answers too soon). Well done Elena!

Samuel has had fun doing the treasure hunt to get his fab prize, been rock climbing, done the Kielder kahoot quiz and tried a few knots. He’s now ready for the camp fire tonight! Fab work Sam!

Alfie had fun in his den last night and wanted a pillow fight in the morning - as apparently that’s what he would have been doing this morning in his dorm.  He has also managed to do the beach trail today – albeit in rather windy weather! It looks fun Alfie!

Miriam also looks like she’s having a great time! You’re braver than me :-)

Edison and Austin have had a lot of fun today – I’ve seen the video of them jumping into a freezing paddling pool – Brrrrrr! They have also done some puzzles, had a tree hunt and had an indoor campfire. A great day boys!

Riley has also been getting in on the treasure hunt action – looks fun!

Freddie loved reading the blog to see what all of his friends have been up to. He thought Jacob’s camouflage was cool and was shocked by George’s new haircut. George told me today that it’s growing back so don’t worry :-) Freddie also completed the challenge again in record time and wrote hawkhirst using all of his outdoor toys before we set off on the treasure hunt, which was tricky but lots of fun!

What a lot of exciting achievements today Year 4 - thanks for sharing x