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Day Three - Another day of fun!

Well another action packed day of fun Year 4! We are now halfway through this Hawkhirst at Home experience and you’ve packed a lot in.  For those of you who were camping out last night I hope the rain didn’t dampen your spirits! A little dickie bird tells me there’s a year 4 quiz tonight so I hope you enjoy that and seeing each other!

Eric’s excited and ready for another day of Hawkhirst at Home! Today, Eric made an obstacle course. It involved kicking a ball into a goal, putting a bucket on your head and running and being sprayed by a water gun if you were too slow. That sounds like an SAS mission Eric :-). He also did a beach hunt and found a massive piece of driftwood and lots of sand.  It was very fun but cold. Tonight, Eric is sleeping in his room with his brother (have fun boys).  They are going to watch a movie 'spiderman into the spidey verse'. Eric has also really enjoyed seeing lots of his school friends completing the treasure hunt. Alfie, George H, Isaac, Alexander, Freya and Evie to name but a few!

Daisy and Lily braved arctic conditions yesterday evening and showed great resilience in completing Eric’s treasure hunt and they really enjoyed chatting to Eric through the window when they claimed their prize. Once back home, they warmed up by assisting their Mum in building a bigger and better den to sleep in with even more fairy lights. They even had a furry gatecrasher!! Today, Daisy and Lily made breakfast for themselves and their sisters. They were very enthusiastic about setting up an obstacle course. Daisy was her usual sensible self and wore her rain jacket. Lily enjoyed the spillages a bit too much. They are off down the back track with Foxy this afternoon to look for trees and wildlife and hopefully to make some nature art. You’ve been very busy girls!

Today Dylan created Hawkhirst beach art using seaweed from the beach! He practised Nerfgun archery in the Briar Dene using a target practise on a large tree. He managed 2 bulls-eye hits out of 10 shots! WOW! Well done! Dylan then completed the Kahoot Hawkirst quiz coming 4th and Mrs Cairns’s quiz. Another fun day Dylan.

Emrys has put up his tent (hopefully it’ll be better weather than last night Emrys!) He is going to toast marshmallows at bedtime and do the class quiz. What a lovely end to the day.

Beth is loving the challenges that have been set. She really enjoyed Mrs Glenwright’s maths puzzle and got eight numbers so she’s really pleased with it (we won’t reveal her answers just yet). Has anyone got more than 8 solutions to Mrs Glenwright’s puzzle yet? Tonight Beth is looking forward to doing a quiz on zoom. Enjoy x

This morning, Evie completed the treasure hunt and got her T-shirt. She made Hawkhirst out of kitchen utensils, but best of all jumped into the paddling pool fully clothed, it was freezing!! Rather you than me Evie!!!

Today Eva has made a raft for a tiny dog, made a picture out of pressed flowers from the garden, done Mrs Glennwright's 2nd puzzle, the Farne Islands birds quiz (very tricky!) and is now having a fun race! Great times!

The camp out went well for Alexander - although there has been the odd moan about a stiff neck!! Two nights camping out is taking its toll on the young men!! Alexander completed the treasure hunt that Eric’s Mum kindly organised. Great fun!! Alexander has finished some art work he would like to share and is looking forward to the class quiz tonight. He has a bingo session with his friends in Manchester first so it’s a busy social evening ahead. Glad to hear you’re having fun Alexander.

This morning, Freya did Eric’s treasure hunt and the Kielder quiz. Then she decided to make her own reservoir in the garden! The girls then got out the body boards and splashed in the water. She also tried making some huge bubbles with a new kit. It was a bit too windy for them to last but she managed to make a few big ones! Well done Freya!

Alex has enjoyed his Hawkhirst day and completed Mrs Glenwright’s puzzle and Emrys’s quiz. He had a cold trip to the beach for a hunt, he found some crabs and nearly got stranded on the rocks!! He’s now making the tent with his mummy, but it’s not going well, hopefully daddy will finish work soon to help! He is also looking forward to Eva’s quiz later tonight. Good luck with the tent – you can do it!!!

Today, Oliver did a flower hunt organised by Eva's mum. He found at least 8 different flowers, many of which were unpronounceable! He then went for a walk to Brierdene and then to the beach. He is really looking forward to the quiz later tonight.

Harry went on a beach walk and found half the items! Another walk on Friday (combined with the briardene walk!) should find the rest... we hope! Good luck Harry!

George has been very busy doing lots of fun things. Yesterday he cooked a full English breakfast for his brother Freddie and cleared up afterwards. George also tackled the very tricky task of making his bed, which he completed in the end after lots of huffs and puffs!! (we feel your pain – this is always the toughest bit of Hawkhirst!). He also built a new BBQ which he then toasted marshmallows and enjoyed singing the camp fire songs especially Mrs Wilson’s second song about Jo :-). Today we finished building the raft La Linda and sailed her successfully. A cool design George! George also packed his suitcase to go to his daddy’s for the second half of his Hawkhirst @ Home adventure!! 

Samuel has enjoyed playing archery and getting the top score... 2 bulls eyes! Then he set up an obstacle course and completed the Farne Islands birds quiz. The obstacle course looks fun Sam!

Michaela has also been working hard with her siblings as well as building her den, making her own bird food and making a campfire. Excellent work Michaela!

Enjoy your quiz tonight and keep sharing. We really love seeing and hearing from you all. x