Welcome to Year 3

 Who are we?

We are 7 and 8 year old pupils and we are the first class in Key Stage 2.  Throughout Year 3, we begin to take greater responsibility for our learning and ourselves. We are encouraged to develop our thinking and investigative skills to help us to learn and discover things on our own.

Who teaches us?

Miss Day is our class teacher and Mrs Thompson is our teaching assistant in Year 3.  

We enjoyed the interactive Aurasma quiz and RNLI visit as part of our STEM Week.

What do we do?

In Year 3, we work with greater independence and increasing confidence. We are also expected to share our thoughts and ideas and to take responsibility for others. We help to look after some of the younger children in school and at the end of the year we look forward to meeting our ‘buddies’ in the Nursery class and introducing them to the main part of the school.

We are grouped into ‘country’ teams in Year 3 for various tasks. Each country will have its own week for news.  We can bring in an object, photograph or book (or similar)  to talk about with the rest of the class. We try hard to link our news item to our topic! 

Our topics this year are:

Autumn Term – Food, Glorious Food!, Extreme Earth

Spring Term – Stone, Iron and Bronze, Our Local Area

Summer Term – The Romans, Brazil

Take a look at some of our brilliant classroom displays!

Year 3 had a fantastic afternoon at the Whitley Bay Islamic Cultural Centre - WBICC recently.

Syed and some other helpers from the mosque welcomed us into the centre and told us all about Islam and how the centre is used by the whole Muslim community of Whitley Bay. We were very excited to receive a copy of the Qua'ran with each child's name written in Arabic inside. 

Thank you to all the parent helpers that came along with us and a huge thank you to Syed and helpers from the Mosque that made us feel so welcome

Day Things to Remember










Hand in homework.






 Homework handed out.

Our PE lessons are great fun!