Welcome to Year 3

Who are we?

We are 7 and 8 year old pupils and we are the first class in Key Stage 2.  Throughout Year 3, we begin to take greater responsibility for our learning and ourselves. We are encouraged to develop our thinking and investigative skills to help us to learn and discover things on our own.

Who teaches us?

Mrs Houghton is our class teacher and Mrs Lawrence is our teaching assistant.

What do we do?

In Year 3, we work with greater independence and increasing confidence. We are also expected to share our thoughts and ideas and to take responsibility for others. We help to look after some of the younger children in school and at the end of the year we look forward to meeting our ‘buddies’ in the Nursery class and introducing them to the main part of the school.

Our topics this year are:

Autumn Term – Food, Glorious Food!, Extreme Earth

Spring Term – Stones and Bones, The Romans

Summer Term – Digging deep, Brilliant Brazil




In computing this term, Year 3 have been learning about coding. We have been creating (and debugging) simple algorithms to create games on the development application 'Kodu'. So far we have designed and created racing and collecting games! 

New Topic : Extreme Earth

We have been really enjoying our new topic 'Extreme Earth'.

We started by looking at the structure of the earth, and made 3D models to show the cross section of the earth. We have now moved on to looking at volcanoes - how they are formed and how they erupt. As part of this, we are in the process of making our own volcano models! Next step will be to paint them - and then see if we can make an eruption! 

Free Verse Poetry 
Year 3 have been exploring free verse poetry. We use alliteration to write our own beautiful winter poems. Here are just a few examples. 

Pizza Express Visit 

Year 3 enjoyed a visit to Pizza Express last week as part of our 'Food, Glorious Food' topic. We became Pizzaiolos (pizza chefs!) and tasted different ingredients before making our own delicious pizzas.

Useful Information

 Football Competition


A huge well done to Year 3 for winning their football tournament! They all played together as a team which helped them win every match they played!


Extreme Earth Topic

After decorating our volcanoes, we finished our Extreme Earth topic by using bicarbonate of soda, washing up liquid, vinegar and red food colouring to stimulate an eruption!  

Cave Art

We have been creating cave art in Year 3! Inspired by photographs of Stone Age paintings, illustrations in books and other artists' work, we created our own prehistoric art.
To recreate how Stone Age people would have had to complete their drawings, we turned our classroom into a cave! We turned the tables on their sides and covered them in paper - we had to sit (or even lie!) on the floor.
We have learnt that handprint art was very common in the Stone Age, so we used chalk and paint to create our own hand prints, which we will make into a class collage. 
We practised our designs in our sketchbooks - in our next lessons we will explore drawing these designs on different materials (such as sandpaper!) to recreate a 'cave wall' effect.