The School Day at Coquet Park

Our school day begins when the pedestrian gates open at 8:45 allowing Parents, Carers and the children onto the school yard.

At 8:57 the first bell rings to let the children know it is time to come into the classroom and hang up their coats. When the second bell rings at 9:00, all children should be in school.

At 10:05 it is time for a 15 minute assembly followed by  mid morning break. For morning break, children are encouraged to bring a healthy snack into school.

At 11:50 Reception class go straight to the Dining Hall for lunch whilst Years 1 and 2 play out until it is their turn. 

Lunchtime play begins at 12:00 for the older children in Years 3 and 4. 

At 13:00 the children line up at their classroom to start afternoon lessons which run until 14:20 when it is time for afternoon break.

For the afternoon break, a piece of fruit is provided for children in Reception class up to Year 2 but children in Years 3 and 4 can bring their own.

 The last lesson of the day is from 14:35 until 15:20 when it is home time.  

At home time, the pedestrian gates open at 15:05 to allow Parents and Carers onto the yard to wait for the children to come out of their classroom. There is always an opportunity for a quick chat with the class teacher or teaching assistant both before and after the school day.