Curriculum Intent

At Coquet Park First School we aim to promote a safe and secure environment in which children learn to be members of a caring community. We believe that children are able to achieve their potential in a happy and supportive environment, whilst enjoying their time at our school.

The curriculum encompasses not only the formal requirements of the National Curriculum, but goes beyond the experiences of the classroom to ensure the children are exposed to the richest and most varied opportunities we can provide.

Our children begin their school life with an appreciation of outdoor learning and education in our Early Years Forest School to a week long residential experience in Kielder for Year 4 pupils. By offering swimming lessons for all year groups from Reception to Year 4, our children are well prepared for all water based adventures with the knowledge and skills to stay safe in the water.

Our desirable, picturesque, coastal location enables us to fully utilise the extensive, extended opportunities within our community. The children enjoy many interesting and varied outdoor learning adventures including: healthy walks, ‘Hit the Surf’ lessons, our whole school annual 'Beach Day' and of course visits to St Mary’s Lighthouse. Integral to our community is a respect for the coastal area, supported through the annual R.N.L.I day in school.

We are incredibly proud of our recent prestigious Gold Arts mark award, which recognises the commitment of the school to arts, culture and creativity. We are also delighted to have retained our Eco Green Flag for a 5th time and the Gold Sports Games Award for the last five years.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) is a particular strength within our school and links across these subjects are explored wherever possible. The subject leaders for Science, Maths, Computing and Design & Technology, work together to create a yearly STEM week. This involves a whole school approach with an over arching topic which changes every year. STEM Week includes a timetable of events such as visitors including parents talking about their careers in these fields of work, an engineering competition as well as a focus on practical science, maths, computing and design technology.

There are also many whole school events which enrich our school curriculum. As a whole school community we celebrate many events including May Day, Harvest Festival, Beach Day, Christmas Crafts days plus regular class assemblies.