Previous Weeks

Week beginning Monday 29th June

Nursery Overview

Getting ready for Reception


Pirate 2d shape spotting


Alliterative poster instructions
Alliterative poster


Rhyming coins
Colour coded Treasure Chests


Understanding The World

Pirate science experiments
Pirate scavenger hunt

Fine Motor and Cutting Skills

Pirate themed pencil control

Week beginning Monday 22nd June

Nursery Overview


Treasure chest ten frame
Pirate map
Pirate map cards


Alliteration - Poster Instructions
Alliteration - Can You Find Poster


Odd one out rhyming

Understanding The World

Pirate science experiments

Physical Development

Pirate Yoga instructions
Pirate Yoga Story

Fine Motor and Cutting Skills

Pirate scissor skills
Pirate themed tracing patterns



Week beginning Monday 15th June

Nursery Overview


Ladybird fingerprint counting
Under the sea treasure hunt

Understanding The World

Mermaid materials investigation

Fine Motor and Cutting Skills

Sandcastle cutting skills

Communication and Language

Seaside spot the difference
Summer charades

Week beginning Monday 8th June

Home learning overview



Rhyming string cards


Sea bucket - Adding to 10
Sea bucket - Adding to 20
Sea bucket - Ordering

Understanding the world

What can you see?

Physical Development

Seaside movement game

Expressive arts and design

Seaside in a bottle - Instructions

Communication and Language

Ice cream cone craft

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Being a good friend

Week beginning Monday 1st June

Nursery Overview

Getting ready for Reception


I Spy and Count
Rhyming Match


Seaside Counting

Understanding the world

All about the seaside
Make ice lollies

Physical Development

Seaside cutouts



Half Term Holiday 23-31 May

North Tyneside PE and Sport - Half Term Timetable

Home Learning Pack

Week beginning Monday 18th May 

 Home Learning Overview


5 Things to take in my rocket


Phase 1 - Initial Sounds


Rhyming Towers


Counting in Space - Powerpoint

Space counting
Rocket to the Moon game
Rocket to the Moon - Dice and Counters
Space, Trace, Count, and Add
Positional language map

Understanding the World

Craters on the Moon
Bubbling Planets
Rocket Mouse

Physical Development

Space themed pencil control sheet
Space themed scissor skills worksheet pack

Art and Design

Cardboard tube rocket
Paper plate flying saucer

Role Play

Hot seating questions
Star biscuits

Week beginning Monday 4th May 

 - Home Work Weeks 3 & 4 Overview

 - Family Orchestra

 - Instrumental sounds

 - Oral blending and segmenting

 - All about airports

 - I spy transport scene

 - Transport playdough mats

 - British passport


Home Learning Pack 2

Week beginning Monday 20th April

Homework Summer Weeks 1 & 2

Phonics Body Percussion

Transport  Book List

Transport Counting & Matching Puzzle

Transport Counting

Transport Cutting Skills Activity

Transport Intro

Transport Shadows

Transport Sorting Activity

Transport Themed Home Learning Challenge


Home Learning Pack 1

Concluding Monday 20th April

Home Learning

Chicken Licken Powerpoint

Chicken Licken Cutting Skills

Chicken Licken Counting Sheet

Chicken Licken Word Mat

Easter Egg Rhyming Sheet

Home Work Pack

Shape Chick Cutting Activity

Numicon Posters

Number Formation Rhyme Cards

EYFS Websites