Allotment Club

 Welcome to the Coquet Park Allotment Club page!  

At Coquet Park we have a wonderful allotment area at the back of the school.   In Allotment Club we learn lots about how to grow different plants and vegetables and throughout the year we look after them and help them to grow.

Mrs Cairns runs the allotment club with Mr Jackson, a volunteer from the Friend's of Briar Dene,  every Thursday lunchtime and all keen green-fingered children from Year 2 and Year 4 come along on a rota basis to help. There are always lots of jobs to keep everyone busy!!

Thank You

Thank you to Mr Jackson for another fantastic year working in our school allotment. This is everyone who came to allotment club in 2018/19.

June 2019


Planting tomatoes and broccoli into larger contains in the greenhouse and weeding and watering the main allotment.


January 2019


Even in this weather we are still busy prepping the soil and continuing to weed.

September 2018

Potato Harvest


Here we are, busy harvesting our potatoes, pumpkins, and onions ready for Harvest Festival later this half term.

In this photo you can see everyone who came to allotment 2017-18, with Mr Jackson, our volunteer, who runs the allotment.

June 2018


Watering and Weeding

May 2018

The children have planted spring onions, onions, potatoes, lettuce, flowers, strawberries and are currently growing courgettes, butternut squash and pumpkin from seeds which we are nurturing in the classroom.

February 2018

In the Allotment Club we are just busying hoeing and raking the soil that we have weeded and weeding the remaining beds ready for planting soon. We are have also planned our crop rotation for the year and started to chit potatoes.

March 2018

Allotment Club have been waiting a long time for the cold weather to end so they could get on with planting some potatoes  and onions 



October 2017

This half term we are working hard to harvest the crops that have grown over the summer. These photos show us harvesting the onions. We hope to sell our produce at the Harvest Festival in a few weeks time. The children who attend this club will change on a half termly basis so everyone will get a chance to help keep our allotment in tip top condition!

November 2017

Allotment club have been continuing to meet every Thursday and are currently raking, hoeing and weeding to prepare the soil for spring.   Cormac has made a hedgehog house and we have placed it under the tree in the allotment to encourage hedgehogs to visit. Hedgehogs eat many of the pests that eat the allotment crops so we really want a hedgehog to take up residence!