STEM WEEK - 2024

The theme to this year's STEM week is 'Space'

This year's STEM Week took Coquet Park out of this world as we explored Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths through the eyes of astronauts and those who enable space travel. We learnt about the solar system and the astronauts who have explored space. Our very own ex-pupil, Morgan talked to us about her job as an astrophysicist and the research she carries out at the University. Year 1 pupils designed and built their own moon buggies to carry an astronaut safely. Year 2 tested the stretchiness of materials for tethering an astronaut safely on a moon walk. Year 3 tested materials for the protection astronauts need in space from UV light.

We rounded off the week with an exhibition to show parents and carers all our learning.



Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4