We are proud to be an Eco School!

We are very proud to have earned our Eco Schools Green Flag Award at Coquet Park and we continue to work hard to raise the awareness of being eco-friendly and the importance of looking after our environment.  

We have  elected children from  each class (Year 1 - Year 4) to be our Green Ambassadors.  The Green Ambassadors are our representatives who meet regularly with Mrs Cairns and talk about new eco events taking place in school and new ideas to become more environmentally friendly. The Green Ambassadors also remind everyone in school to switch off the lights when they aren't needed and to use the recycling bins correctly to reduce the amount of waste in school.  

Meet the Green Ambassadors at Coquet Park, we all take our job very seriously (whilst having lots of fun!)



Take a look at what the Green Ambassadors have been up to in our News Gallery.