Coquet Park School Council

Welcome to Coquet Park's School Council 2023-24. We are from years 1-4 and we've been elected by our classmates to represent them. To become school councilors we had to fill in an anonymous application form sharing why we thought we had the skills to become a school councilor and also what we thought needed to change in our school. 

We meet 2 or 3 times every half term to discuss what ideas we have listened to from our classmates about different things that our school could get involved in.  We also have an ideas box that children can post ideas they have about the school into, and we look at these. 

We suggested this...

This is what happened...

October 2023

As a Green Flag school, we have been looking at ways that we can help to support the environment in school. The school council and the Green ambassadors came up with the idea of running a ‘Uniform swap or take’ in school. Not only will this help families with the increased cost of living, but will help the environment as we will be recycling school uniform.



Uniform Recycle

We had an amazing response to the joint school council/green ambassador uniform swap. Great that we can do our bit to save the planet.

July 2023

The school council were raising money to buy more story books to read in PSHE lessons. They managed to raise £51.40 towards buying new books for next year.




March 2023

The school council decided to run a T-Shirt Design competition in support of Show Racism the red card. School councilors judged the entries choosing a winner from each year group and Mrs Ward chose an overall school winning design. 

December 2022

The school council felt, being an eco school we should be doing all we can to recycle during the festive period. They were  keen to involve parents too, so have shared the North Tyneside Festive Recycling Booklet so that they can become involved at home. 

November 2022

The school council were keen to support Children in Need on the 18th December. They suggested a quiz for children to take part in for a small donation. They thought it would be a good idea to get teachers to bring photographs in of themselves when they were babies/young children and then pupils can guess which photograph belongs to which teacher. 

Guess the Baby Competition

September 2022

School council noticed that the herb garden was looking a bit sorry for itself, so decided they needed to take care of the plants in the herb garden in a more organised way.

Herb Garden Monitors

Year 4 monitors are watering the plants and we've made signs to help remind children to take care of the herbs.

May 2022

The school council worked together to write some questions to ask candidates interviewing for our new Deputy Head.

Interviewing for a new deputy headteacher

April 2022

We wanted to raise money to support children in Ukraine via Unicef. So we thought it would be a great idea to hold an Easter Egg hunt.

Coquet Park's

Eggstraordinary Easter Egg Hunt

February 2022

When we looked through the ideas box this week, there were lots of children asking about having a cookery club in school. We thought that this would be a great idea and we suggested asking Fun Little Foodies to run one as they had been in school to work with year 3 and it had been a great workshop. A club has been arranged to start on 9th March with Year 4 children being the first lucky club members.

Cooking Club

January 2022

 We looked at the questionnaires and thought about some ways that we can improve the yard for when we all come back together. We decided that we could have a dedicated skipping area (nursery yard lunchtime and afternoon break). We also decided that each day, each class from year 1-4 could have a slot on the football pitch. We also thought that we'd like a quiet reading area where you can read books or magazines. This is going to start as soon as we're allowed back on the yard together. 


June 2021

During our School Council Meeting, we talked about having a whole school reward system, where we could earn points for doing the right thing. We wanted it to be something that wouldn't just be used in our lesson time, but at playtimes, as well as anytime we were walking around school. We thought it would be good to split the school into different teams (a bit like Hogwarts). We talked to Mrs Ward and Mrs Palmer about our idea, and they thought it was a really good idea. Mrs Palmer organised our new 'Castle Point' system that will start next year. We decided to use different castles that could be found in the local area as our teams. We will be able to earn castle points at any point through the school day from any member of school staff. The team with the most castle points each half term will earn a reward day. We can't wait to get started.

Castles and Token Collector

November 2021

We have been thinking about the playground and how we're hoping that we'll soon all be allowed out to play on the playground together soon. We designed a questionnaire to find out what children in school liked and didn't like about their playground, and if they had any ideas of what we could do to improve it.