STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) is a core part of our curriculum. We celebrate the STEM subjects through an annual dedicated week in Spring Term. Each year has an overarching theme and the children are immersed in activities such as workshops and visits from people in STEM careers. Parents are sometimes invited into school to share their STEM skills - firefighter, dentist, cyber security, town planner, animal behaviourist and research scientist to name but a few.  At the end of this fabulous week, we host a celebration of everything we have learned and invite our parents in to share what the children have been learning.


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  • 2019 - STEM using Water
  • 2020 -  STEM through Eco


2020 - STEM through Eco

2019 - STEM using Water

The children looked at objects that float and sink and discussed why they behave in this way. Nursery made their own boats to see how many little people they could hold. Y1 explored how quickly they could free a Lego man from frozen ice and what they could use to speed up the process. A visit from the RNLI allowed the children a chance to understand the need for safety around water and the important job that the volunteers do to keep us all safe.