World Book Day March 2020

STEM Week 

Nursery have had a very exciting STEM week alongside the rest of the school.  They have been investigating lots of STEM questions, and then reporting back their findings to their friends.  They have explored floating and sinking, weighing and balancing, freezing and melting,  colour changing and have built numerous models and machines with our construction toys.  What a lot of clever scientists and engineers we have!

Year 3 Extreme Earth topic

After decorating our volcanoes, we finished our Extreme Earth topic by using bicarbonate of soda, washing up liquid, vinegar and red food colouring to stimulate an eruption! 

Exploring Music

Year 3 and 4 worked with Simon from Newcastle University Outreach to explore music. The learnt about Dynamics, listened to music and identified instruments, and played a melody using boomwacker.

Free Verse Poetry

Year 3 have been exploring free verse poetry. We use alliteration to write our own beautiful winter poems. Here are just a few examples.

Year 4 Athletics Event

Year 4 took part in a fantastic Track and Field event at Whitley Bay High School. They competed in a variety of athletics events and represented the school extremely well.

Year 4 Ancient Egypt Topic

Year 4 had a great day out at the Great North Museum learning about Ancient Egypt.

Fire Service Visit

A fire engine visited school and Nursery were invited to take a look.  They even got to have a turn of the very powerful hoses!

Yr 4 STEM Event - Bring it On

Year 4 visited the ‘Bring it On’ STEM exhibition at The Beacon of Light on Wednesday 9th October. They spent the whole day taking part in activities set up by hundreds of STEM businesses that had set up stalls. They worked their way through the different zones learning about STEM opportunities in the North East, seeing and taking part in some amazing demonstrations. An amazing, inspiring day.

Allotment Club

The children in allotment club have worked hard this half term, gathering all the produce for harvest. They then sold this during our Harvest festival assembly and made over £242.88 for our World Vision sponsored child, Noelia.

Pizza Express

Year 3 enjoyed a visit to Pizza Express last week as part of our 'Food, Glorious Food' topic. We became Pizzaiolos (pizza chefs!) and tasted different ingredients before making our own delicious pizzas.

Tour of Britain 

We had a short walk outside of school to watch the cyclists go past during the Tour of Britain race.

Year 3 Football Tournament

A huge well done to Year 3 for winning their football tournament! They all played together as a team which helped them win every match they played!

Christmas Carols
Year 4 singing Christmas carols at Eastbourne House. 
We had a lovely morning singing carols to the residents of Eastbourne House.


Music Lessons

Year 4 whole class violin lessons

Year 4 Welcome Mornings

Year 4 hosted their annual welcome morning. We enjoyed a fun STEM activity with the parents. The parents and children were challenged to create the highest structure using only lolly pop sticks and blue tac.

Cave Art
We have been creating cave art in Year 3! Inspired by photographs of Stone Age paintings, illustrations in books and other artists' work, we created our own prehistoric art.
To recreate how Stone Age people would have had to complete their drawings, we turned our classroom into a cave! We turned the tables on their sides and covered them in paper - we had to sit (or even lie!) on the floor.
We have learnt that handprint art was very common in the Stone Age, so we used chalk and paint to create our own hand prints, which we will make into a class collage. 
We practised our designs in our sketchbooks - in our next lessons we will explore drawing these designs on different materials (such as sandpaper!) to recreate a 'cave wall' effect.