2022/23 Summer Term

Castle Point Reward

Spring 2 - Lindisfarne

Lindisfarne Castle enjoyed their reward out in Forest School learning how to make fires - safely and then putting them to good use - toasting mars

Reception Beach Visit

The sun came out and Reception had a fantastic afternoon at the beach. The children created some amazing patterns and sculptures using natural materials.

Show Racism the Red Card


Thank you to the school council for organising this worth while competition to raise awareness of racism in sport. The judges had quite a task on their hands choosing the winners from each year group.

Pedestrian Training

Children across school were visited by the |North Tyneside Go Smarter team. They learned all about staying safe when out and about.


Reception class enjoyed a week of Bikeability sessions where they have been learning to ride a bike and understand how to cycle safely.

The Active Mile

Well done to all our pupils who took part in Active Mile Day. All year groups took part, running, walking, skipping and even dancing their way around the school field. A total 180 miles was covered.

Reception Local Area Walk

Reception went on a local area walk where they followed their maps along the promenade, all the way to the park. They added symbols to show what they had found along the way.

Y4 Brierdene River Walk

Year 4 followed the river at the Brierdene all the way to its mouth, spotting different river features along the way.

May Day Celebration

After an uncertain, will it rain, will it not morning our May Day celebrations got underway led by our May King and Queen.  The children performed their dances, sang and cavorted for the parents who watched on.

Coronation Picnic

The whole school came together to enjoy a Coronation Picnic, donning their crowns and wearing red, white and blue in true British tradition. God Save the King!

Y1 Forest School

Year 1 went on a mini-beast hunt with Mark from FORESTed. They then classified by the number of legs and used natural materials to create bug hotels for their new friends. After taking care of their mini-beasts they built shelters for themselves.

Y4 STEM Visit

Year 4 welcomed astrophysicists, Morgan and Shannon PHd students from Northumbria University, to explore the solar system. They learnt about the size of the planets and their distance from the sun before building our own models of it.

Y1 Hand Hygiene

Year 1 welcomed the school nurse into their lesson today, to think about hand hygiene. The nurse brought a special light box to see how effective washing our hands can be at removing germs.

Y2 Skipping Festival

Year 2 were victorious at the Skipping Festival , winning the whole event. They took part in individual, paired and whole class events like keep the pot boiling. Well done Y2!

EYFS Mobile Farm

Animals about Town cam to visit Early Years, who enjoyed grooming the goats and sheep. They stroked the guinea pigs and rabbit and even went into the pen with the lambs.

Nursery  -  Our Town and

The People Who Work Here

Nursery welcomed people who work in our seaside town, to find out about the roles they perform to help us. PC Dan talked about being a police officer. The children got to try on the uniform and look at his police car. Jimmy, our local crossing patrol taught us all about road safety.

Healthy Week

What an amazing, fun week we had as we exercised, ate healthy, took care in the sun and celebrated sporting achievements in sports day. To see more click here to be taken to our dedicated healthy week page.

Sports Day

Another fantastic sports day took place and we were so lucky with the weather. We had our firm favourite races and our parents and carers were treated to some delightful refreshments by our wonderful PTFA, whilst also raising money for the school. Everyone was a winner!

Children's Cancer Charity Run

Wow the teachers were impressed at the stamina our children displayed running around the field for the annual Children's Cancer Run. We raised a magnificent £485, which we know will be put to good use.

Y3 Dodgeball Tournament

Coquet Park hosted a dodgeball tournament for Year 3 children. Local school Southridge joined us and everyone had an enjoyable afternoon on the school field putting some of their skills learnt in lessons into practice.

RNLI Visit

Nursery had yet another visitor - Martin from the RNLI. He talked to the children about the role of the RNLI keeping us safe on our beaches and at sea. They learnt all about the flags that are used on the beach to tell us when it is safe to swim.

Y2 Forest School - Orienteering

Year 2 were using a map of the school grounds to help them to navigate their way to the letter clues which spelt the word 'hapa zome' - the Japanese art of leaf printing. The children then had the opportunity to do their own hapa zome printing.

Y3 Visit the Dome

Year 3 want to say a big thank you to the staff at the Spanish City, who took them on a tour of the Dome. They have learnt so much about the history of this iconic landmark.

Nursery Local Area Walk

Nursery were using a map to follow a route passing lots of landmarks of Whitley Bay. The best of all being a stop at Di Meo's for a delicious ice-cream.

Sing Up Day

We had a super singing day to celebrate Sing Up Day across school. KS2 sang 'Dreams across the ocean' and EYFS & KS1 sang 'Blossom Out'. Both songs had cultural links to different languages and the nature of our world.

Faith & Diversity Day

The whole school came together to learn about different faiths and how we should respect others' faiths.  Year 4 looked at what was the same and what was different between Islam and Christianity, Year 3 explored Judaism, Year 2 Sikhism, Year 1 Hinduism and Reception, Buddhism. We all then shared our learning in an assembly at the end of the day.

Y1 Visit to Alnwick Castle

To enrich their learning this term about castles, Year 1 had a super trip to Alnwick Castle in Northumberland. They explored the castle and the life of a knight, followed in the footsteps of Harry Hotspur and became artisans for the day.

Y3 Forest School - Map Reading Skills

Beach Day