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Day Four – The teachers wanted to get in on the action!

The results from the quiz last night :

Team Coquet Quiz:

1st: Bairdy (Sam), 2nd: Lil B (Beth), 3rd: OK (Oliver).

The people who had the craziest time at Imaginary Hawkhirst were: Beth, Harry, Freddie and Jacob.

The winner of Scrambled Celebrities was Harry.

What a great quiz last night! It looked like you were all really enjoying yourselves - so much so that the teachers wanted to get involved in a bit of Hawkhirst at Home action too!!  

Mrs Willson is usually the first teacher to reach the top of the climbing wall. She’s missed it so much this year that she decided to put on her climbing gear and climb around her garden and house :-)

Mrs Glenwright has made her own little den. Are you planning on sleeping in it Mrs G? She struggled with the suitcase challenge – you’ve missed out a few items there Mrs Glenwright!! She has also been getting creative and made a raft for her teddy in the bath :-). Cute!

By day 4, Miss Foster (without hair straighteners) usually has what we affectionately refer to as her ‘Hawkhirst Hair’. We couldn’t let you leave Coquet without seeing this – it’s a sight to behold! Also check out her Hawkhirst Bandana!

I usually jump in the reservoir. I’ve REALLY missed getting absolutely frozen and soaked to the bone this year (honestly) so I asked my two boys to pour cold water over me in the bath – not quite the same, but they enjoyed soaking their mummy!! We also decided to try out a bit of bouldering in our back yard.

Now for the more important news...What have you all done today?

Yesterday, Grace enjoyed singing the campfire songs around an imaginary campfire with her sister and brother. She also roasted marshmallows over a fire made in a tin can! She loved the quiz and has practised her archery skills with a wooden crossbow (I’ve seen the video – she’s an excellent shot), she may jump in the sea on Friday as she doesn't have a reservoir in her garden! Let’s hope the sun shines for you Grace!!

Today, Grace has enjoyed a beach hunt, where she found; rope, sea glass, 2 crabs, a feather, some whelk shells but didn't see any seals, jellyfish or starfish! She then created some beautiful art with them. She wouldn't jump in the sea! There’s always tomorrow Grace?

Gray did an obstacle course today, with a cup of water on his head! Then in a ‘2 for the price of 1’ moment he incorporated the water challenge and jumped in the paddling pool fully clothed! He also did the camouflage challenge, so he is well on his way to completing his 10 challenges – well done Gray.

Joe really enjoyed the treasure trail on Tuesday, and the ‘zoom’ quiz yesterday. Glad to hear you’re having fun Joe!

Miriam has heard about the legendary Hawkhirst breakfast from her big brother and sister so decided to recreate one at home – yummy!

Edison had another brilliant day - he did the beach hunt, had a video knot tying session with his uncle Mark, did Eric's treasure hunt, which was fabulous, and then saw all his friends for the brilliant zoom quiz! He's gone to bed in the den in the attic and Austin has been at his side throughout! Lovely to hear Boys!

Oliver has also been busy again. He’s made his bed on the floor and slept in it, created an obstacle course and completed the treasure hunt.

Isaac has had a lot of fun completing the challenges; he’s created an obstacle course, made rock art and put up his tent to name but a few! Thanks for sharing Isaac.

Today, Dylan learnt about fire lightening using sticks collected from the Brier Dene and lighting them in the fire-pit. Dylan researched how to divide the sticks into kindling for fuel and created a hearth. He then lit the sticks and added more sticks, establishing the size of the fire. Any excuse to toast more marshmallows was Dylan’s end game! We don’t blame you Dylan – they’re so delicious! Dylan also did Mrs. Glenwright’s and Miss. Foster’s quiz and enjoyed seeing his friends on the Hawkhirst Kahoot Quiz.

Today, Alexander did the Hawkhirst quiz on Kahoot and started the puzzles sent by the teachers. He had a giggle watching Mrs Willson do her camping songs... he didn’t like it... he loved it!! Alexander has also made a water filter with Harry, been reading in his den, did a footie challenge and made some camping treats. All you need is a banana, a chocolate flake, marshmallows and tin foil. First, slice the banana and open it. Then, push the chocolate flake and marshmallows in. Next, wrap it in foil. Finally, cook for ten mins. Yummy!! Sounds tasty - going to have to give that a try Alexander.

News from Eric – He really loved the quiz made by Eva's mum. It was super fun. Lots of people voted that he would eat the most sausages at breakfast at Hawkhirst. He thinks they may be right. Tonight, Eric might be camping which he thinks will be fun and he is going to watch a film with his mum. Enjoy Eric. Today, he’s had fun playing football with his brother and is looking forward to his brother cooking tea. Apparently, his brother has chosen chicken goujons for starter, bacon bolognese for mains and white chocolate fondue for dessert.  He can't wait. Sounds yummy – is there any left for a hungry teacher :-))))) Eric is really enjoying this experience and still has lots to look forward to. We can’t wait to see what you get up to tomorrow Eric!

Evie is really excited to get her tent up this morning. She then headed off to do some orienteering around the sea front. She is going to have a bbq and toast some marshmallows tonight. Enjoy Evie. I hope the camping goes well. X

Maggie had lots of fun doing Eric's treasure hunt yesterday afternoon before taking part in the quizzes last night. She spent today playing archery with her dad in the back yard and even made a quiver for her arrows with her sewing machine. You sound just like Elenna from BeastQuest Maggie :-) She then solved Miss Foster's puzzle and made some star jam tarts. Another fab day!

Today, Freya made some bread sticks and the dough for the campfire. She did the dough all by herself and some parts were surprisingly hard! She is going to have a campfire tonight and she is going to sing the campfire songs and toast marshmallows and cook the dough that she’s made. Freya has also started the birds quiz and did a few of the knots. Alice is very excited for the camp fire because she is always hungry.,. A girl after my own heart (hee hee)

Good news from Alex - Thankfully his daddy put the tent up last night and Alex loves it.  He practised nerf archery in the garden and then went for a walk to hunt for different trees. He is possibly camping out in the garden tonight. I hope the weather stays nice and dry for you – good luck x

Today, Lily and Daisy walked to the lighthouse. Did some seal spotting and had a picnic looking for dolphins. No dolphins spotted but we saw a heron fishing. Then onwards to Holywell Dene. Wow – another fun day girls. I love the fact that your dog is even getting in on the action!!

George has also had a busy time completing all the challenges; On Monday, he and his brother packed for Hawkhirst at Home and they will be living out of their suitcases until the end of the residential. His parents have set up a tuck shop at home and any snacks they want after tea have to be paid for out of their spending money... healthy snacks are the cheapest! Today they completed most of the teacher challenges then tried them out on Daddy. On Tuesday, George and Henry completed Eric’s treasure hunt and had great fun solving the puzzles to claim the treasure. They also completed the Hawkhirst art challenge. On Wednesday, George made knots then his mum recorded him explaining how he did it. The rope came in handy for some long rope skipping later in the day; even Henry had a go at swinging the rope. The boys built dens to sleep in and George used a special fireproof glove to do some bush cookery on the chiminea. Today, George made a cooked breakfast for his family and ate it in the sunshine. He completed the Kahoot Quiz and the boys made an obstacle course in the garden. They had fun camouflaging themselves in various locations around the house and garden. Tonight, the boys will be camping out in the garden with their Daddy. Good luck boys, we hope you get some sleep :-)

Eva has had a busy 24 hours! Late yesterday, she did a beach hunt and then hosted the quiz (which was fabulous by the way!). Today, she had another go on the obstacle course but with water and then completed the water challenge by standing under a cold sprinkler. She then did the archery challenge, completed the amazing treasure hunt (with a quick ice cream stop) and pitched the tent in the garden ready for tonight. WOW – there’s going to be a lot of you out camping tonight – good luck everyone x

Beth has been busy today, completing her wood art, practising her archery and tying some knots. She worked hard to put up her tent and finally, after great teamwork with her brother, she managed it – Yeah!! Well done Beth x

Samuel absolutely loved the quiz with the class lasy night.... Especially as he won the first round! He's built a raft today and had fun testing it out in the bath! He's also finished all the puzzles and is preparing another camp fire for smores after tea. Enjoy.

Today Alfie has done his Hawkhirst art, choosing a wide variety of items to make up the letters!  He absolutely loved the quiz last night and seeing all of his friends and didn’t want to hang up at the end of the call!  If anyone fancies a further Zoom chat with Alfie just let his mum know   Tonight he is going to do the Kielder quiz and take a bath with his clothes on!

Tomorrow Alfie has plans to do nerf target practice, some camouflage and a couple of other challenges so he can well and truly hit the 10 marker!  His mum suspects thar any tasks left on the sheet will roll over into the plans for the weekend!

I’m exhausted reading this Year 4 – what an action packed day!